About me

This blog has been created with the single purpose of disseminating and sharing information about the latest and some interesting legal decisions by courts and tribunals around the world. The author will analyse the judgments with emphasis on their impact on the law as it stood. Moreover, as the law cannot survive in isolation in society, the impact of the judicial pronouncements on aspects such as policy-making, politics, social structures etc will also be looked at.

As and when there are new judgments available, I will make an attempt to post them on this blog. The areas that I will focus on will derive decisions from both municipal and international legal systems.

Please feel free to write in – criticisms and appreciation alike – as and when you feel.

Some of my academic legal writing is available at works.bepress.com/dchatur

P.S. I am currently a B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) candidate at School of Law, Christ University, India. Also, I am a Research Assistant at the Centre for Law and Policy Research.


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