Pros and Cons of International Commercial Arbitration: An Analysis by Wragge & Co.

See here.

Among the advantages are:

Enforceability, Neutrality, Flexibility, Privacy and Confidentiality, Finality, Ability to Select Arbitrators. 


Among the disadvantages are:

Procedural hurdles, Joiner, Speed & Cost, Pre-emptive remedial measures. 

A long overdue Palestinian State? NY Times Op-Ed

Palestine seeks to be recognised in the UN General Assembly in the upcoming sessions as a sovereign nation. It also claims that it satisfies all the requirements of Statehood under the 1933 Montevideo Convention.

Like opening a can of worms?! Another problem in the Arab world?


A Hyperactivist Indian Supreme Court? Wall Street Journal reports.

I have previously posted on the spate of activist decisions by the Indian Supreme Court here and here.

Now, the world media notices it.

Governance in India has reached dismal levels, and in the absence of a proactive Executive and Legislature, have the judges indirectly come to rule our country?

Wall Street Journal reports about a hyperactive judiciary in India and whether it might actually become judicial tyranny.


A Palestinian Uprising in the offing? Foreign Affairs investigates

After the historic merging of the Fatah and Hamas in Palestine, spculation is rife that this might signal an uprising in Palestine, similar to what is being seen in its Arab counterpart nations.


The Palestinian Spring? at Foreign Affairs.

The threat to the law firm business

At The Economist, an interesting article about the law firm business losing its sheen and a doubtful future ahead?:

Time Magazine: Top 10 Trials that shook the World

Over at the Time Magazine: The Top 10 Trials that shook the World,,28804,2064099_2064107_2064409,00.html

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