The Political Nature of International Criminal Justice

The Justice in Conflict blog has recently posted an excellent post about how international criminal justice suffers due to the uneven application of law owing to a highly politicized referral system of the UN Security Council.

Something similar to what I have argued in my paper titled “A Synergistic Failure between the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court”.

This paper is divided into three parts – Part I deals with the provisions relating to the relationship between the UNSC and the ICC as has been envisaged in the Rome Statute of the ICC; Part II deals with the practical situations when the
relationship has been tested or powers have been exercised by the UNSC in respect of international peace and security vis-a-vis the ICC; Part III examines the successes or failures of the relationship between the two international bodies and will explore the possibility of whether the synergy between the bodies can be enhanced and made more effective.

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