ICC Prosecutor confident about definite charges against Libya

The Office of the Prosecutor at the ICC has concluded its preliminary investigation in the alleged War Crimes that have been committed in Libya during the recent crises. It has requested the Court to grant warrants of arrests being confident that definite charges of war crimes can be made out against those responsible, especially higher officials in the Libyan regime. (see)

Identifying two main types of incidents:

  1. Security forces allegedly attacking unarmed civilians constituting crimes against humanity.
  2. The existence of an armed conflict with alleged war crimes as well as other crimes against humanity that appear to have been committed by different parties.

The Prosecutor also said that rape and abuse of women was used as a weapon during the persecution. The civilians were also subject to many other types of persecutions. This led them to believe that Crimes against Humanity have indeed been committed against people by the Qaddafi regime.

The response of the Office of the Prosecutor has been commendable, especially in conducting the investigation promptly and gathering evidence swiftly. With the help of many States and other agencies, like the UN  International  Commission of Inquiry on Libya (See this and this).

A statement was made and a report was submitted (lays down the issues of jurisdiction, action taken, modes of investigation, charges etc.) to the UN Security Council pursuant to Resolution 1970 (2011) regarding the status of the Libya investigation. The Press release can be found here.

I still think the issue of co-operation by Libya, as it is not a party to the Rome Statute, remains bothersome. The previous such reference by UNSC where the situation in Darfur, Sudan led to implication of President Omar Al Bashir, has not reached finality yet as he still remains at large. The question is, despite issue of warrants and clinching evidence against Qaddafi, will he be brought to book successfully?


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